I LOVE Free Stuff!

Free Money for Life!

Yep, it’s another one of those free sweepstakes – this one gives you $5,000 a week for life and it’s from a company everyone’s heard of, Publisher’s Clearing House – so you know it’s reputable. What have you got to lose other than your bills? Take a shot here :)

I LOVE Free Stuff!

Free Medication Guide

Have trouble keeping track of what medications you’re taking? Always forget what to ask the doctor when you go in for a visit? The government has a freebie that’ll take care of both of those problems for you — get it right here.

I LOVE Free Stuff!

Free Recipes for a Lifetime!

Now I think this is a cool one. It’s a toolbar for your computer, that instantly gives you access to more than a MILLION recipes! Never wonder what to make for dinner again, free recipes for the rest of your life ! :)

I LOVE Free Stuff!

Free Magazine Subscription

One of those freebies that’s “not for everyone” but we think there’s a good chance it’s for you. A free one-year subscription to “Working Mother” magazine is yours for the taking — get it right here :)

I LOVE Free Stuff!

Free music!

This site is like iTunes – but the music is better (I don’t think they have a section for “artists who have been dead for 50 years ;) ) You get free downloads if you sign up – you don’t have to stay a member so the downloads end up being totally free. I stayed a member though – like I say, better than iTunes :) Check it out here.

I LOVE Free Stuff!

Free Flu Shot

Not for everyone this time, but if you’re one of the millions without health insurance, you can get a free flu shot (ALWAYS a good idea) while supplies last. The list of clinics is here.

I LOVE Free Stuff!

More free coupons and samples!

We keep finding the companies that have hundreds of free coupons for ya – and what better thing to do than to pass them right on to you? Tons of free samples too – sign up here :)

I LOVE Free Stuff!

Free Fat Burning Energy Shot!

OK, so you gave in and got the free burgers the other day. Here’s a little gift to help you compensate – a free Matador fat-burning energy shot. Because life is too short to not eat ;) Get it right here.

OK, OK, so chances are you’re not gonna win a million bucks. I tried it, and I didn’t.

But you can spin for free, for a chance at $1,000,000 (I just love typing all those zeros ;) ) – so why not give it a shot?

I LOVE Free Stuff!

Free burgers!

OK, so the other day we gave you a free weight loss sample. Today, it’s free mini-burgers from Ruby Tuesday. You can choose which one is more your style — or you can take advantage of that weight you lost and pig out a bit. Your choice ;)

The coupon for the free burgers and fries from Ruby Tuesday is here :)